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13 Dec

iPhone = Security BlanketWe’re so attached to our phones these days, like some security blanket. Separated from our phones we feel completely lost. I’ve been thinking lately, how moms are constantly talking about how difficult it is to wean babies off pacifiers, diapers or dream feeds, and I often think to myself, that we, as adults, are no less dependent on material things.

The memory on my iPhone has been completely erased today, by a stupid mistake made by technophobic me. I was trying to back stuff up on my computer and I must have pressed something wrong because the whole thing basically went to hell. Annoying, yes. But really, that’s all it is, and that’s all it has the legitimacy to be. And yet, for a moment, I couldn’t help but treat it like a tragedy. I was practically in tears at the thought that I had lost Baby pictures, and friends’ numbers. As if the important things in life were Baby’s pictures, and not Baby, friends’ numbers and not friends.

I probably had this coming. Just this afternoon, after teaching, I walked by the big square across from where I work. It was a cool December day but the sun was shining brightly, and people were sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, looking at the little artificial pond, with it’s giant goldfish and water lilies, just enjoying existence. And I sat there, in the sun, and read emails on my phone. And at some point I put my phone back in my bag and thought to myself, what a waste, to be in a beautiful place like this, with only 15 minutes to spare before I have to drive home and let the sitter go, and I’m wasting my 15 minutes of beautiful view and perfect weather on email.

But we do that all the time, don’t we? So now, instead of worrying about restoring the memory on my phone, I’m going to try and restore the realization that life is about more than electronic gadgets, and maybe next time when I’m having a special moment with my gorgeous son and my phone rings, I’m going to say screw it and let it ring. Or maybe I’ll use more moderate language, I do have a six month old after all.


Fine Tuning

31 Oct

Remember that song from the nineties? Life, oh life, oh life… This is the new ringtone of my existence. Life, oh life. And speaking of ringtones, I need to get a new ringtone for my phone. Why is this so important? I don’t know. But in times of emotional turmoil, there’s just nothing like a new ringtone to help define who you are.

So let’s see, what exactly am I looking for? Something strong. Something that’ll remind me, everytime my phone rings, that I’m ma-own-woman, I can take on anything that comes my way. I can do it on my own.

Hmmm. Maybe Beyonce can give me something. All the ladies independent… The only thing is, I’m not trully independent. I’m actually pretty reliant on Mr. Dad right now, at least money-wise. Do you pay my bills? Yeah. Do you pay for my automobile? Yeah. OK. I’m thinking Destiny’s child won’t cut it.

Maybe what I really need is just a feel good song. Something that’ll just make me want to dance everytime I hear it. But something tells me Shawty Got Low doesn’t exactly reflect the way I want to portray myself right now. Neither does Sexy Bitch. Maybe later on when I’m on the rebound.

So more serious stuff. Radiohead? Depressing. Assaf Avidan? It’s over, it’s over, it’s over? Super-Mega-Depressing. Amy Winehouse? You go back to her and I’ll go back to black? I don’t think so.

Jeez, why is it all the songs I like are either utterly depressing or about hoes?