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Down the Rabbit Hole

1 Jan

toysI was taking a walk in the park. The sky was blue, dotted with flaky white clouds, through which the sun shone brightly. I looked down and with a happy heart celebrated the sound of my shiny blue slippers crushing dry leaves and grass. There were roses, white and red, and a deep scent of perfume, warm and moist, filled the air around them, causing me to feel light-headed.

And there he was, a little white rabbit among the bushes, taunting me. Ha! I thought to myself. I’ve never followed a white rabbit before. I’m much more grounded than that. But wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, to be a little less leveled, to just do what I felt like doing without weighing pros and cons, without foreseeing consequences?

I’m late! I’m late! He said and started to run. It’s now or never. I better get going. And there I was, following him, behind the bushes and into the rabbit hole, falling blissfully down, a flailing jumble of arms and legs tangled in a blue satin dress. Falling endlessly, carelessly, feeling a rush of warm rosy air against my body. It’s going to hurt when I reach the bottom of this pit, I thought, but it didn’t, because as I fell the bottom kept growing father away, so instead of worrying about what was coming, I gave myself the gift of oblivion, and enjoyed the soothing dizziness and emptiness, the thrill of belonging to no one, and owing nothing, the tingling of fingertips, and weakness of knees, the lush kiss of the present against my neck.