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Over Exhaustion

16 Nov

I was so exhausted from this week that I had to bail out on a friend with movie tickets and sleep for 12 hours. BD has Baby, obviously. I’ve been working too hard, even my mother gave me the Talk with a capital T about how I need to take it easy and be home to put Baby to bed because he needs me. Thanks mom for making me cry for ten minutes in my car before plastering on my everything’s-fine-smile and starting work. 

But it’s true, I am working too hard. And I need to give something up which has two implications: 1. Money. I’m barely making it through the month as is. Less hours = less money and that’s a problem. 2. I’m going to have to disappoint people. I hate disappointing people. I’d rather destroy my body with over exhaustion than have to tell people who rely on me that I can’t do the work they expect of me.