7 Jun



When this cork was in its bottle, there was harmony, security and hope in their union. It fit the bottle perfectly, so that not one drop could find its way out. It contained the promise a fine wine, that had been bottled in August 2000, and had slowly aged to perfection. POP was the sound of the uncorking, the seal breaking. Glu-glu-gluk was the sound of a fine wine being poured into a glass, breathing in the oxigen and fullfilling its potential. Delicous.

The bottle is open now and the wine is oxidized and ready to be consumed. The cork is growing by the second, expanding so that only with great force could someone put it back into its bottle, and even then, it would never fit perfectly. The harmony of togetherness has been shattered and the bottle and cork will now have to find new promises, new potentials to fulfull, new lives.



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