2 Feb


“You know what I like about you?” He said. “That you’re so confident. You’re happy with who you are and you know what you want.”

So there you have it. The new me knows that she rocks. The new me has found the key to her happiness, and she’s opened up the door to let the good stuff in, the stuff that she knows she wants. She’s taking a risk. She knows this adventure, as most adventures do, will probably end with heartache. But heartache is not always a bad thing. Heartache means feeling. Losing something means having something, or having had it for a while.

Last Tuesday, I was having a YES day. I was saying YES to the world, and the world was reciprocating. I woke up in the morning and decided to take a day off to myself. I went shopping. I got a massage. I saw my therapist. Then, as a grand finale, I went ice skating with my friends, and got hit on by 25-year-old-Margaret-Atwood-enthusiast-ice-skating-instructor-guy, and said I’d go out with him.

“We are the sum total of the things we’ve seen and the experiences we’ve had.” He had said later, resting his curls on my shoulder. “This is why we live forever, because we imprint our existence on people’s experiences, and they carry an essence of our being on and on.”  He said this seriously, but threw in his apologetic smile, which I am slowly beginning to become acquainted with, the kind of smile that asks me to let him know if he’s gone too far. He hasn’t.

“You’re quite the philosopher.” I smiled, and I thought to myself, how exciting it is that I get to keep this experience, this imprint upon my memory, being held by him. And I told myself – quit worrying about how and when this is going to end, and rather, open the door to it and let it begin.


One Response to “YES-WOMAN”

  1. Queen of the fries February 2, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    ‘quit worrying about how and when this is going to end, and rather, open the door to it and let it begin.’ — couldn’t agree more !!

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