Tired and Confused

4 Dec

Warning: This is not going to be one of my optimistic girl-power posts.

Baby Daddy’s back from a three week work-trip abroad. It was easier, in a way, having him gone. I didn’t have to constantly think about the breakup. Now that he’s back, his presence is overwhelming. I miss him, that’s the truth. But I am also so angry, I can hardly look at him without getting all worked up.

I had a plan to move on, but now I can’t even remember what it was like to think I could do that.

And Baby’s growing teeth so we’re both not sleeping. And contemplating life is never a good activity to do when you’re sleep deprived.  I’m tired and confused and sad and frustrated and overwhelmed and in need of a beer, a punching bag, sex, a nap and chocolate cake, not necessarily in that order.

But first I have to go give Baby his dream-feed, he’s calling.


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