My New Sushi-With-Friends Table

23 Nov

After a week of sleeping on the floor in Baby’s room, I decided the apartment needs an urgent change. It’s still very much OUR apartment; there are pictures of Baby Daddy everywhere, clothes and books, and other stuff that stands as a big fat reminder of how lonely I feel.

 So, on Wednesday my friends came over to help with a bit of DIY around the house. I was in charge of booze and sushi, they were in charge of painting, arranging, and making me feel good about myself, about the breakup and about life in general.

I took Baby to my parents and drove back home, with take out and tools, and met the girls outside my building. G had brought a retro-looking coffee table she’d found, that would make a cool project and replace the one I have and loathe. By the time we all made it upstairs, it was 20:30, and we were hungry and excited to start working, standing outside the door to the apartment, as I fumbled in my bag for the keys. And fumbled. And…

YES, you guessed right. I had forgotten my keys at my parents’ house. OH MAN.

My friends are awesome. They didn’t even roll their eyes. We went back outside and had a sushi picnic, on a bench, using the very table G had brought along, drinking cava straight out of the bottle while we waited for my mom, who dropped everything she had been doing to drive over and give me her spare key.

Thirty minutes later, and we were all stuffed and ready to roll, I’d gotten the keys, and minutes later we were already painting my bed, a couple of side tables, and G’s coffee table,  taking funny pictures of each other with our phones, laughing our heads off for no apparent reason, and Y suddenly said: You know, this coffee table that we’re painting – the last thing that was on it, before this coat of paint now, was sushi, eaten outside on a bench, with friends. This paint is sealing that memory in for you.

I don’t have a new freshly painted turquoise coffee table in my living room. I have a a new sushi-with-friends table. And that’s just SO much cooler, isn’t it?

So I’m not saying everything’s better now. Many things are still very much screwed up. But not everything is screwed up. Some things are just fine. More than fine.


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