Suddenly Seymour

5 Nov

Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors that is my existence. I’m Audrey, and the world is my giant – blood thirsty – flesh eating – musical plant. It’s crying ‘Feed me!’ and I oblige: Being a mom, developing my career, working out and eating healthy, being attentive and considerate with everyone, even when all I really want to do is shout Screw that! And just give the world the finger.  

Let me tell you something, I was a spectacular wife, really I was. I bet a lot of women say that – but I mean it. Let’s put aside all the normal stuff, like being curvy, knowing how to cook and keeping the house clean. I was empathetic, tolerant, a good listener, easygoing, and very, very patient. And somehow everything still fell apart.

Lucky for me, in this eerie morbid musical that is my life, full of blood thirsty plants and sadistic dentists, there is a Seymour. A sweet five-month-old Seymour who offers me optimism and milk bottles half-full. And I know that if I want to survive the flood, I have to hang on to him, with every fiber of my being.


One Response to “Suddenly Seymour”

  1. Huggable Baker December 13, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Sweetie, it doesn’t have to be your fault. Sometimes relationships don’t work out and it wasn’t your job to fix what was broken. I am a single-mom too. My kids are now 6 and 10. It all fell apart 4 years ago. And over the years I have realized I did all that I could to save the marriage. But he didn’t. And that sucked balls.
    Then, slowly, I got back to the business of living. Give yourself a hug.

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