5 Nov

Ty Pennington is coming to demolish the home I used to live in. His giant bulldozers are going to knock down the very foundation of everything.

As they do, I will sit by a fancy laptop screen and cry for my relationship with the man whom I thought was perfect for me, for the fantasy of mother, father and son cuddling together in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. I will be reluctant to accept the design team’s plans and color schemes for my new life.

But in the end, I will summon up all the courage I have in me and I will shout at the top of my lungs: BUS DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS! I know I won’t be there alone. My friends and family will be there with me, cheering me on. And when I see my house, my NEW house, I will know that the old one had to be demolished in order for the new one to come to life. There was simply no other way.


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