Bringing Sexy Back?

1 Nov

Another sleepless night, I’ve never felt hotter with my ruffled hair and dark circles under my eyes. Not. Baby just figured out how to turn over from his belly to his back, and has spent the night tuentire rning to his back and waking up startled.

I need a break. I need to sleep. I need sex.

The sitter was here this afternoon. After a short debate I chose the gym over a nap. Thursday afternoon is the when the hot gym instructer is in and I can eye him silently while attempting to retrieve my pre-pregnancy body. I don’t even know his name, and have never thought of approaching him, I just sit there eyeing him like some horny 17 year old. Very healthy.

I’ve recently picked up running, and after my twenty minutes on the treadmill, I always feel light as a feather, like I’m not still carrying 8 extra kilos, my skin shines with sweat, my cheaks are rosey, my hair is damp and sticking to my forhead. I must look like shit and smell even worse, but I feel my sexiest after a good run.

So, relaxing in the massage chair with a cup of carrot juice, after my workout, I continue the eyeing. I even catch his glance once and smile. Jeez, this guy is nowhere near my type. I’d never date a gym instructor. Not sharp enough for me. But then, he’s also totally out of my league. Just as I get up to leave, this perfect-body-blank-stare dude approaches me.

“Done for today?”

“Yep.” (Great comeback hugh?)

“Ok, see ya.”

“Mmmm… Actually I wanted to ask you a question.” I blurt out spur of the moment. (Blank stare.) “I’ve been working out with the punch-bag. Letting out some aggresion.” (Apologetic smile) “Maybe you can train me on it?”

“Oh.” He says. I  just offered to pay 40$ an hour just ot keep looking at the hot guy. How lame am I? “Well, actually I’m no pro when it comes to boxing. I mean I do it from time to time (Eyes himself in the mirror), but I’m no pro, you know? (Sure, whatever.)  But if you want a good instructor I highly recommend my sister. She’s awesome, let me give you her number!”

And there I am, typing a number into my phone that I will never use. Oh man.

I better hit the shower now, I stink.


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